Invensef Group


Invensef Group is the Management Authority and the Home of Invensef. We support The Nazmul Arafin Family and the growth of Invensef Businesses & Invensef Brands by developing and nurturing valuable Invensef Businesses. We aspire to develop Beneficial Businesses that would benefit people and other stakeholders and also help them make life easier with a little help from our Products & Services.


Invensef Group Identity is Expressed Or/& Represented by the Keyword(s)  “Invensef” or/& “Invensef Group”.

Invensef Brand Logo: There are two different Logo Design Idea to express the Brand in different situations. One is considered as Primary Logo and another is considered as Secondary Logo.

Invensef Primary Logo
Invensef Secondary Logo

What is Invensef Group? Invensef Group is the Management Authority that Manages mostly a collection of Holding Or/& Subsidiary Or/& Sister Or/& Associate Companies which include  Invensef NetworkRokomari CookAnyashaj, Yien Investments,  and so on.


Note for the record, NAZMUL ARAFIN is The Pioneer and The Founder of Invensef Group.


Invensef Group is The Nazmul Arafin Family-owned Business. And, The Family operates Invensef Group and it’s Businesses as well.


The word or/& name, “Invensef”, derives from or/& stands for – “Invention, Safety & Fun” – which motivates us to develop & build Beneficial businesses to help people and other stakeholders.


Moreover, Invensef Group gives full independence to it’s connected Brands & Companies to develop & grow in their own way.


Thank You,
Invensef Group
(Exploring Excellence)


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